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Independent Schools of the Nashville Area

A Commitment to Learning, Diversity, and Opportunity

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When selecting a school for your child, consider the ones that join the many facets of education together around a clear sense of mission. Allowing your child to learn in a unique model that inspires success in the classroom – and in the life that awaits beyond.

ISNA, or the Independent Schools of the Nashville Area, comprise a strong, diverse, energetic and exciting group of private and independent schools in the Nashville area. The schools consist of elementary, high school, religious, traditional, independent, coeducational, and single-sex schools. Their campuses, communities, and histories represent a substantial collection of educational opportunities.

This website offers information about ISNA’s guiding principles, events and speakers at these campuses, and a map of the Middle Tennessee area so that one can see the proximity and variety of places these communities represent. Please feel free to contact me about any issues or questions. Our group of school heads meet approximately five times annually, and we work hard to ensure there are strong collegial relationships and a vibrant community among these schools in the Nashville area. These schools mirror the vitality, history, creativity, spirit, and excitement present in the city of Nashville. 

We welcome you to visit our schools to learn about this great community of independent schools.


Brad Gioia
President, Independent Schools of the Nashville Area